Support for Content Creators

By Melair (26th of February 2017)

If you produce recorded content or stream live then Caldonia wants to help you! Whether you want a safe place to produce content with others or interact with your community then we're here for you.

What We Offer

  • Private Instances
    • Start a game just for you and your community.
    • Any public game can be private.
    • UHC's also available with 1.12 combat.
    • Teams, randomised or chosen.
    • Custom game options in most games.
  • Party System
    • Players join and then you lead their experience.
    • Moderation tools, kick players from your party and any private instances.
  • Discord Channel for Content Creators.
    • Make suggestions, requests or give feedback.
  • Lobby Toys
    • Shiney purple chat prefix and unique purple sheep mount.
  • 1.25x bonus on cosmetic currency from games.

We offer this to you for free. If you enjoy yourself and you feel it's been a good experience, then all we ask is that you let people know who and where we are in any content you produce on Caldonia.

How To

Take a look at this short video, it's just this easy! Oh and the video is real time, no cuts!


  • Produce first party content in which you feature.
  • Be in good standing with Caldonia, and the Minecraft community as a whole.
  • Have a public YouTube/TwitchTV/Beam/Hitbox profile, with
    • more then 150 subscribers/followers, or
    • if you're smaller enthuse to us how much this might help you.


Tweet @MelairCraft with a link to your content and your Minecraft PC IGN, we may ask you to join us on Discord if we have any more questions.