Change Log

By Melair (14th of September 2016)

This page will list changes we have made to Caldonia, it's games, lobbies and website.

Known Bugs

  • If a user changes their name and does not log off for more then sixty seconds between changes server based looks ups will fail indefinitely.
Private Instances
  • Team colours are not mirrored to disguises.

26th of November 2017

  • New lobby map!
  • Mr Bank has retired, but one of his many daughters is available for adoption at the Pet Shop.

1st of September 2017

  • New Map! Toy Box by CC4142! Thanks man!
  • Fixed ender pearl from disappearing.
    • "Unfortunately" you can now wear it on your head.
Survival Games
  • Removed axes from item pool.
  • Reduced TNT yield from 0.75 to 0.25 of TNT normal.
  • Fixed friendly fire game option.
  • Added shuffle team option.
Speedy UHC & UHC
  • Added player health toggle options in private games for below name and in tab list.
  • Added option for a team inventory, create like a normal chest with a log in the center.
  • Added option to disable riding of animals.
  • Ensured that on UHC the center coordinates are now always not water or mountainous.
  • Kill all mobs which are spawned as the map is created.

21st of August 2017

  • Much work has been done on behind the scenes systems, including our moderation tools.
    • This is in preparation for a full advertising campaign.

13th of August 2017

Speedy UHC
  • Deathmatch anti tunneling and anti sky towering has been improved.
    • Players are given five seconds to return back to the play zone when they leave the area.
    • Chat messages warn players they are out of the area.
    • A stone layer has been added to the death match area at the lowest point players are allowed to go. It is no longer possible for a player to fall down a hole out of the death match area.

12th of August 2017

  • Fix issue where players would get stuck in a queue indefinitely.

3rd of August 2017

  • New cosmetic items available for purchase!
  • All games grant gold reward for playing, being a good sportsman and winning.

5th of July 2017

  • New Map! Lost World by CC4142, thanks man!

29th of June 2017

Survival Games
  • Add option for private games to limit the number of chests a player can open.

28th of June 2017

Survival Games
  • First round of 1.8 balancing under the guidance of Bin and Sanji.
    • Power Book reintroduced with same chance as Sharpness.
    • Food options sanitised, bread amount increased.

27th of June 2017

  • The join code of a party can now be seen by doing /plist.

25th of June 2017

Ultra Hardcore and Speedy UHC
  • Migrated public instances to 1.8 combat!
    • Best experience is with 1.8.8 client, next best is 1.12.
  • Private Instances still have the option of 1.12 combat.
  • Thunder is now correctly played in 1.8 UHC when a player dies.
  • Added "No Fishing" option to UHC.
  • 1.8 clients can now spectate inventories like their 1.12 counter parts.
  • 1.8 clients can now sit in chairs again, and they see players sitting in the right place.

24th of June 2017

Survival Games
  • Migrated to 1.8 combat!
    • Still needs fine balancing.
    • Best experience is with 1.8.8 client, next best is 1.12.
  • Removed sg_citadel from the map rotation.
  • 1.12 adds a restriction on enchantments, Blast Protection V was no longer being applied. Dropped to Blast Protection IV as a work around.

20th of June 2017

  • Upgrade infrastructure to 1.12.

2nd of June 2017

  • Enable support for Minecraft clients from 1.8 to 1.11.2.

28th of April 2017

Ultra Hardcore
  • The nether will now once again be a hellish place, rather then just another world.
  • Health Link combined with Prevent Fall Damage will now not give fall damage to others in the same link.
Private Games
  • Friendly fire option will now be honored.

19th of April 2017

Private Games
  • Custom game options have been cleaned up, now there are sub menus for groups with many options.

17th of April 2017

  • Parties now default to "Follow the Leader", when the party leader joins a game any party members in a lobby are automatically transferred into the leaders game.
  • Can be adjusted with /pfollow, see the Party Guide.

15th of April 2017

  • If you are transferred while gliding you should no longer be stuck in a gliding state.
  • Rings fixed, now counts players going through them.

14th of April 2017

Survival Games
  • The Viridium map has been updated to fix a few minor issues.
    • More higher tier chest locations added.
    • Some inaccessible areas made accessible again.
    • Reenforced mountains around border.

11th of April 2017

Ultra Hardcore and Speedy UHC
  • Competitors who die and become spectators will now inherit Night Vision correctly in UHC and Speedy UHC.
  • Caldonia now has a World Server.
    • Sole responsibility is to generate random worlds.
    • UHC games request worlds from this server at start.
    • Games will now boot within 30 seconds and be ready to play.

10th of April 2017

  • Bug fixed with Caldonia's potion abstraction (PlayerEffects), caused some potion effects not to be applied due to it thinking they where conflicting with others.

9th of April 2017

  • Bombs will no longer cause apples/feathers to drop if they explode on wood planks.
Survival Games
  • Chests are now only placed once the game starts.
    • Water/lava will flow into areas where chests are not chosen.
  • Changed chest selection code, this will be monitored.
    • Code used to select chests based upon distance away from other chests.
    • Was O(n!), very slow, took 10 seconds to process 1500 chests.
    • Now allocation is completely random, takes 0 seconds to process 1500 chests.
  • Density of normal chests has been reduced to 0.001 chest per block on maps.
  • Reduced TNT yield to 75% of default.
  • Armor Stand can now not be damaged.
  • Power I books have been taken out of the item pool, as they are unbalanced.
Private Instances
  • No longer give start voting items to players.
  • Private Instances must now be started by the owner.
Speedy UHC
  • Fixed problem with Night Vision option, created after it was turned into an option.

7th of April 2017

Survival Games
  • New Map! Viridium by Bin and MooM_!
  • Chests are now lazily populated and removed from maps, means instance start time is much quicker.
  • Higher tiered chests now are visually different.
  • Chests will always have > 33% of their item budget spent on items which are above average in cost.
  • Higher tier chests (rare, epic and legendary) have had their budgets significantly increased.
Private Instances
  • No longer allow users to vote start the instance, must now be started by owner.
  • Night vision is now an option on full UHC games.
  • "Disguise All Players" still disabled, but has a huge number of issues fixed including team colour.

31st of March 2017

  • Items which have a "NBT" tag (like decorated shields) now operate correctly.
  • Implemented event debugging system.
  • Spectators can now investigate a players inventory by right clicking on them.
Private Instances
  • Disable "Disguise All Players" option, implementation has too many game breaking bugs at current.

24th of March 2017

Private Instances
  • Introduce "Disguise All Players" option, all players can be disguised as another.
  • Chat and death messages show fake name.
  • Skin can be chosen by the instance owner with /dapname <name>

21st of March 2017

Ultra Hardcore
  • High drop rates for gravel and apples now work as an option.
  • Speed I at start now works as an option.
  • Fixed player disguises to not show disguise to person disguised.

13th of March 2017

  • Eating a Golden Apple while under the influence of a Notch Apple will no longer extend the Notch Apples absorption. We consider this a Minecraft bug, and are fixing it before Mojang do.
Speedy UHC
  • Zombies will now drop feathers, rather then spiders.

11th of March 2017

Game Interface (Menus)
  • Sometimes menus would fail to respond in rare circumstances, now should be fixed.
  • Fixed team menu in private games, should now no longer reopen when someone changes their team.
  • Leaders can no longer bypass party invitations by forcing an invited players access to MEMBER.
  • Leaders can no longer put another player into "party limbo" by forcing a players access to INVITED.
Private Instances
  • Instance owners can now see requested instances which are yet to start in their list.
  • Limits have been put in place to prevent mass starting. Normal players will be able to start 1, Twitch/YouTube may start 3.
  • Players summoned to running instances will be brought in as spectators, rather then competitors. Unless the game is designed to accept new players mid game.
  • Vampire health has been fixed to consume health which was actually lost after reductions, not raw health. The percentage regained has also been dropped to 25%.

3rd of March 2017

Custom Games
  • Options will be displayed to all players logged into an instance when changed or on game start.
  • Options are output to the games statistics page.
Ultra Hardcore and Speedy UHC
  • "low annoyance high dungeon" is no longer picked for public games, maps can now be removed from rotation while still being selectable for private games.

26th of February 2017

Private Instances
  • Health Link has been extended to support vampire health stealing from opponents.
Ultra Hardcore
  • Competitors who are killed now retain night vision as a spectator.
Speedy UHC
  • Zombies now have a 30% change of dropping feathers.
  • Spiders will always drop at least 2 pieces of string.
  • Competitors who are killed now retain night vision as a spectator.

21st of February 2017

Private Instances
  • Teams can now be chose by players if the instance owner wants to enable it.
  • Users can now rejoin long running private games (UHC / Speedy UHC).
  • Periodic marker messages can be enabled to facilitate episodic recording.

19th of February 2017

Private Instances
  • Health Link in private games now split the final damage, not the original pre-armor/enchant value.

18th of February 2017

Private Instances
  • Private games can now have up to 16 teams, with friendly fire and team spawn options.
  • Private games can disable the "Play now at" game splash screen.
  • Private games can be instantly started by the instance owner, without waiting for players to agree.
  • Private games can now have health/death linking with team mates.
  • We've begun populating in game help, which can be accessed with /help. Blue underlined links are clickable for more information.

14th of February 2017

Pets & Mounts
  • Pet Carrier and Stable have been added to the menu menu.
  • Staff have some pets to demonstrate them.
  • Methods of general availability still to come.

10th of February 2017

  • Make public instances appear and be queue-able again... whoops.
1.8 Combat
  • Fixed handling of shields, should now only appear when you block. Shouldn't be possible to get a shield without a sword.
  • Damage through shields has been increased from 0% to 50%.
  • Armor has been adjusted to use a similar toughness to 1.8.

7th of February 2017

  • Those users who have earned a title in the past now have the ability to spawn between them or turn them off.
  • More will be made available in the future.

3rd of February 2017

  • Added Mr. Bank to remember the shutdown of PlayMindcrack, anyone who logs on between the 3rd and 10th of February 2017 will receive a permanent lobby toy in the future to remember.
1.8 Combat
  • BETA - First pass at emulating 1.8 combat. Server is still 1.11.X under the hood.
  • Available in private instances.

2nd of February 2017

  • Removed, winter is over.

26th of January 2017

  • TNT automatically ignites when placed.

25th of January 2016

  • Item frames will no longer drop their items if broken by explosions.

19th of December 2016

  • Until the 19th of January 2017 it's Christmas! 12 days of Christmas be damned! The lobby is winter themed!
  • NEW GAME! Throw snow balls at each other!
  • First team to 30 points wins.
  • This is a temporary game until the 19th of January 2017, unless it's really well received.

17th of December 2016

  • Player landing and those flying into the void will now be detected properly, again.
  • Fix internal exception when players leave an instance.

11th of December 2016

  • Apocalypse map used to kill people when y < 10 but there was still ground, now doesn't. - Thanks PMC_Sanji.
Private Instances
  • Private instances for parties to play games on. More information will be released on this soon but is available to some players for testing at current.
  • A party leader can summon all party members who are in a lobby to their game by typing /psummon.

9th of December 2016

Speedy UHC
  • Fix bug where Speedy UHC players couldn't see other players, introduced after fixing spectator night vision.

6th of December 2016

Speedy UHC
  • Apply night vision correctly to spectators, competitor night vision has also be reworked though no change is visible.

20th of November 2016

Minecraft 1.11
  • Now on Minecraft 1.11!

28th of October 2016

  • Fix rings on End maps, hitting the ring will no longer teleport you outside the playable area.

25th of October 2016

  • New Map! Enderoid by IncredibleDino!
  • Re-balanced maps, some maps have fewer or less interconnected caves, some have more caves and structures.

23rd of October 2016

  • Instances are now launched dynamically, this means only one idle (LOBBY) instance per game will run at once.
  • Maximum number of running instances per game now increased to 4 as a result!

9th of October 2016

Speedy UHC
  • Double caves! World generation will now generate two seeds worth of caves.

2nd of October 2016

  • Fixed bug introduced into queuing by adding party support. Phantom queue entries and constant repeated transfers should be fixed.
  • Upgraded proxies to latest BungeeCord build.
  • Reworked dynamic configuration to prevent removal of statically configured hosts like "lobby".

1st of October 2016

  • Added trace debugging to assist identifying why occasionally phantom queue members occur.

26th of September 2016

  • Change internal way permissions are handled.
  • Implement moderators interface.

24th of September 2016

  • You can now display a list of party members with /plist or via the Party menu in the lobby.

22nd of September 2016

  • New party functionality, unlimited sized temporary parties with chat and group queuing.
  • Reworked internals of queue handling to follow better software design (tell, don't ask) and make Party queue support easier, there should be no visible differences.

19th of September 2016

  • Reduced the effectiveness of recent bomb changes, you now need to be further underground and more unlucky.

18th of September 2016

  • New Map! "Descender" by CC4142 - Enjoy!

17th of September 2016

  • Internally moved maximum player count from maps to games, this means all maps for a game must support the same maximum player count. Change made to simplify queue mechanics and make more sense from a user perspective, also the functionality was never used.
  • Fixed some grammatical errors in language files.
  • Unqueue option will no longer show up in menu unless the user is in a queue.
  • When a game is trying to find a safe location around a spawn point it will now take into account the area it is meant to spawn in. Fixes players spawning outside world border in Speedy UHC death match.
  • Make finding a new spawn more efficient, no longer scan the spiral further once a safe on land position is found.
  • Likelihood of Fire Aspect and Flame enchanted books has been lowered and their chest cost increased. They're now significantly rarer.
  • The border will now begin moving sooner at the start of the game, now three minutes down from six minutes.
  • Border movement speed has also been fixed, will now move at 720 bph (blocks per hour). A bug caused it to start at 144 bph and speed up to 720 bph as it got closer to its final size.
  • Border grace is now set to 4 blocks, half a heart of damage per block per second when outside.
  • Add support for boost rings, gives a period of boost without consuming players boost. Represented by emerald rings, future maps only.
UHC and Speedy UHC
  • Fixed tamed wolf aggressiveness towards other players, they will now attack others. Behind the scenes we remove an implicit Minecraft team which was preventing them.
  • Fixed another tamed animal teleport bug at the Speedy UHC deathmatch stage.

14th of September 2016

  • Adjusted particle effect spawn to always play just above the block it will land on, not in some cases where the player was.
  • When players are directly targeted by bombs, if they are underground there is now a higher chance a drill bomb will be dropped on them.
  • Players enchanting seeds are randomly set when they join an instance. There is a bug in Minecraft which will result in the first enchant ALWAYS being the same, our change will result in the first enchant being random in UHC and Speedy UHC.
  • Change log begins.