Guide: Parties

By Melair (11th of September 2016)

We've spent a lot of time working on a way to make playing with your friends easier, or organizing large group events. These are parties, sometimes called groups. Each party allows an unlimited number of players and comes with it's own cross network chat channel.

Creating A Party - Adhoc

You can create an adhoc party by right clicking on a player in the lobby and then selecting the cake called "Invite To Party".

Image of GUI

Or by just typing "/pinvite playername".

Image of Command

The recipient must then click the [Accept Invitation] button or if they don't like you, [Reject Invitation].

Image of Offer

Creating A Party - Named

If you've ever seen, this is very similar. The person who wants to create a party simply types "/pcreate" and they will be given a five digit code.

Create Random Coded Party

Create Random Coded Party Output

Simply tell anyone who you want to join your party that code and they can type "/pjoin CODE". They are then put into your party.

Join Party

Join Party Output

If you want something more memorable, you can tell the party what code to use by typing "/pcreate CUSTOMCODE".

Create Custom Coded Party

Create Custom Coded Party Output

Players will then type "/pjoin CUSTOMCODE" to join the party.


Once you're in the party, you can talk with all other party members over a cross network chat channel. To do this type "/p Hello".

Chat Command

Chat Output

All party members will see it. Party messages are indicated by a blue [P].

If you want to talk solely to your party, then just type "/p" on it's own. Any text you then type will go to your party. If you want to go back to local chat just type "/l".

Moving A Party

When you create a party by default when you join a game everyone in your party will also be pulled into that game.

You can see when you create or join a party who is leading it:

Image of Following Information

If you type "/pfollow" it will disable the following behavior.

Image of Setting no Following Leader

Output of No Following Leader

You can set who to follow again by typing "/pfollow USERNAME".

Image of Setting Following Leader

Output of withFollowing Leader

Leaving A Party

If you've had enough of your party friends then simply type "/pleave". If you are the only party leader and there is more than one other member left, a new leader will be selected from the remaining members.

Leave Command

Leave  Output

Disbanding A Party

It's like leaving a party, but forcing everyone else out. Type "/pdisband".

This can be nicer to use with inexperienced players.

Disband Command

Disband Output

Removing A Player

There's always bad eggs. You can remove someone from your party by typing "/pkick PLAYER".

Kick Command

Kick Output

Moderators and Leaders

If you're running a big party, or maybe you're streaming and you want your mods to help out, you can promote them or any other party members to be a moderator or a leader.

Moderators can kick and invite other players. Leaders can make other leaders/moderators and disband the party. To promote someone, type "/paccess PLAYERNAME MODERATOR" or "/paccess PLAYERNAME LEADER".

Access Leader Command

Access Leader Output

To demote someone, type "/paccess PLAYERNAME MEMBER" or just kick them if you don't trust them.

Being Offline

You'll remain in your party for 90 seconds while offline, after that you'll be removed. If you're the only LEADER then the next oldest MODERATOR will be promoted. If there are no MODERATORS then the oldest MEMBER will be chosen.

Queuing for Games

One of the main points of having a party is that you can group together and be sent to the same instances. Party leaders can queue for a game by selecting the minecart called "Queue For Game (Party)" in the game menu.

Queue Party Menu

Provided everything is fine, the party will be queued together. However, at current, if the players who are eligible to queue in the party is larger then a game can take, the request to queue will be rejected.

A player is eligible to queue if they are online and not a competitor in a game. Players who join the party while it is queued will be added to the queue with the party.

If the number of players who are eligible to queue goes above the game limit then, at current, the party will never be placed in a game. This is a known issue and will be addressed by splitting the party up into multiple instances.

If a party leader queues for a second game before the first has been satisfied, it will be replaced by the new game. A party leader can remove the party from a queue by selecting the TNT Minecart called "Unqueue (Party)" from the lobby menu.

Leave Queue Party Menu

Players who are in a queue with the party can opt out by choosing the pufferfish called "Unqueue" from the lobby menu. If the player queues for another game then they will leave the party queue.