Should you encounter anyone breaking these rules in game you should report the user to our moderators by typing /report NAME.

If you break any of these rules it may result in a moderator taking action against you. The outcome may range from a warning, kick, temporary ban or permanent ban.

No Hacked or Modified Clients

The use of clients which provide a competitive advantage to a player is forbidden. Advantages include, but are not limited to:

  • Minimaps
  • Heads Up Displays (HUD)
  • X-Ray
  • Zoom
  • Player Highlighting or Tracing
  • Macros

Optifine is allowed providing the user does not use the zoom feature.

No Exploiting Glitches

Do not exploit glitches or bugs, you may be punished if you are found to do so. Players who report new bugs to staff may be given a reward.

Do not spam in chat, advertise websites or other servers in public chat. You may send links to friends directly through private messages.

Bad, Rude or Foul Language

Foul and rude language is not explicitly prohibited providing it is used within a suitable context. Simply saying a list of rude words is not permitted.

Usernames containing foul language, swearing, racism, sexual content or anything else deemed offensive or inappropriate are not allowed.

No Disrupting Games

Do not attempt to disrupt games being played, such as preventing a game from ending, or preventing others from completing the game unfairly.

No Impersonation

Do not impersonate any other player, or a member of any other organization.

Explicitly, do not pretend to be a member of staff on the server. This includes claiming you are staff and threatening to ban a user.

Respect Players and Staff

You should treat all players with a reasonable level of respect. While we understand that you may be upset when you lose, there is no excuse to attack and/or harass other players.

No Racism, Sexism or Hate Speech

Racism, sexism or hate speech of any kind in any language is not permitted in any way. This also extends to a players skin.


You should treat staff like any other player. They must not be abused or harassed. They are not paid to do their job.

Any suspected abuse by Staff member should be raised to Melair.