HeadIt's been fun...

By Melair (28th of June 2018)

I've been working on Caldonia since 2013, it initially started as a thought experiment on how to handle multi instance servers nicely, I'd spent quite a while looking at the way World of Warcraft worked and I had an idea on how to convert that to Minecraft. It had remained a pet project until about six months before PlayMindcrack shutdown.

In fact a few months before PMC shutdown, I'd actually handed my resignation into Olmok. I wanted to try and do Caldonia, I didn't want to split my effort between two Minecraft servers. As it happens we were already in the motions shutting PMC down, so I never actually left, at least until PMC closed.

A month or two after PMC closed, Caldonia was opened. It's remained open every day since, sometimes getting good use, more recently not. We have to acknowledge the elephant in the room, that it's lack of growth falls squarely on my shoulders. I've never driven advertising strongly.

In the past year my interest in Minecraft has plummeted, updates are too slow, not enough innovation, the fragmented 1.8 / 1.12+ player base. I've got interested in other games, I don't watch any Minecraft now on YouTube or Twitch.

Some people know, but most don't, that Caldonia piggybacks on one of my side businesses, the hardware in a datacentre is vastly over provisioned and Caldonia consumes that. However this week I made the decision to shutdown that side business.

This means that Caldonia has no where to live, the hardware the side business sits on costs $160/month. If I were to move Caldonia to someone like DigitalOcean, the bill would likely be in excess of the colocation cost. I'm not willing to pay that out of pocket for the little use it gets.

So with the combination of a lack of real interest in Minecraft and the impending cost to me, I've come to the decision to shut Caldonia down publicly.

I'm insanely proud of everyone who's worked with me on Caldonia, they've provided huge support with building, we've converted maps, made new maps, put incredible detail into things. I'm also very thankful for people who have put effort into custom maps for our games.

And of course, I'm grateful for everyone who has played on Caldonia, there are 382 who have participated in games. So thank you!

I'll be closing the doors on Saturday the 14th of July, that means the last games night will be Friday the 13th.

From everyone here at Caldonia,

Thank you.

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