HeadNovember Update

By Melair (22nd of November 2017)

So things have been quiet… too quiet. So I wanted to explain what's been going on.

WTF Mel?

About two months ago I started to become pretty burnt out working on Minecraft stuff, I was working on two new games and a bunch of backend work. This happened at the same time I had changed team at my day job, from a personal perspective I don't do well with change. So I started to step back from Minecraft for a little bit, I didn't really talk about it, I just left it.

This was especially unfair on the other Caldonia staff, especially because they had just about finished a new lobby and it sat their doing nothing.

However I'm back and we're going to make some changes.

Aren't we out of time?

Yes... back in June I set Caldonia a target of 20 concurrent players by September, with the explanation if we failed I'd consider shutting the doors. Obviously we failed this, however the failure lies solely on my shoulders.

I still have interest in Caldonia, it's costs are still not a huge burden. So, I'm resetting the countdown, same target, April 2018.

Won't this just happen again?

It could do, but we're going to make some changes to reduce the likelihood. Before I disappeared I'd spoken to the current staff about more structured organisation. Over the next week or so we're going to implement this, our teams will consist of Build, Moderation, Community and Development. With each team lead sitting in a Leadership Team.

I'll continue to remain benevolent dictator of Caldonia, but the idea is to empower the groups to make decisions and drive forward even if I'm not around.

Still only one of you...

Unsurprisingly I will be heading up the Development team and a team of one is no team at all. Over the next couple of weeks I will be bringing the code base up to date in order to enable another developer to join us. Their focus will be games, toys, pets and mounts.

Know Java? Like doing things the right way? Wanna learn? Keep it in mind.

Right Now!

I mentioned that the builders had prepared a new lobby? Welp, it's done, it's up! Go see! You'll notice that Eternal no longer has a place in the world, though we've not ended the game just yet.

Mr. Bank has retired after years of abuse by PlayMindcrack players and staff, alongside Mrs. Bank he's gone to find a nice mud field to sit around in. However their daughter Miss Bank is available for adoption at the Pet Shop and she still has a few coins left but only for her foster parents.

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