HeadIntroducing Cosmetics

By Melair (3rd of August 2017)

For the past few weeks we've been working behind the scenes to (finally) bring cosmetics to Caldonia. Before now you've probably seen staff flaunting Pets and Mounts, now it's your turn.

Reward - Bags 'o' Money

So how do you get cosmetics? You buy them. Don't worry though, through in game currency, not real money.

So how do you get money? Play more games! Now when you play games on Caldonia you'll be rewarded for participating, the time the game takes, being nice to people and for being successful.

The way each game rewards success is slightly different:

  • UHC & Speedy UHC - Rewards last three players in rising amounts.
  • Survival Games - Rewards the sole survivor.
  • Glide - Rewards based upon your accuracy of hitting rings.
  • Skyfall - Rewards last three players in rising amounts.

To be nice? Make sure you tell people to have fun, or commiserate with them when they lose.

Pets and Mounts - "Baaaa, I am a sheep."

At the moment we've only implemented a small selection of pets and mounts, we'll be introducing more over the next few weeks and making some more special mounts with abilities or particle effects.

You will also shortly be able to rename your pet to have a custom name for a small charge.

Death Effects - Going out in style...

Another cosmetic we've added is death effects, these work in all of our games which involves your character dying. When you die a special effect will be played over your corpse.

Some of these are just particles, some are more complex and fancy, some are a little trolly. These are still being refined, we'll be working on more of these too.

Lobby Toys and Clothing

We aren't making lobby toys purchasable just yet, we need to sort our your toy box and wardrobe first. We are planning unique toys for each game, as well as some magical clothing.


This is our first attempt at setting pricing and reward values, we'll be watching them closely. We might be too generous, or we might be too mean.


We're of course happy to hear about new ideas for cosmetics or other purchasable items. Grab a staff member and let them know.

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