HeadPosition: Skyfall and Sky Fall...

By Melair (24th of September 2016)

I've been pointed in the direction that Mineplex have recently released a game called Sky Fall. Some have suggested that it contained similar components to our game Glide. I can certainly see why some would perceive theirs as being based on aspects of ours, that being said...

The Minecraft minigame ecosystem is rife with merging of ideas, and in fact straight clones. We're guilty of this too.

  • Speedy UHC - Is basically a copy of the one uhc.ex.gg used to run.
  • UHC - Is of course an idea Mindcrack came up with, and our full game is a faithful recreation of that.
  • Survival Games - Is a clone of the PlayMindcrack version, most others still do the cornucopia.
  • Glide - Is an implementation that many YouTubers and redstoners did in plain Minecraft, but with better frosting.

Ironically Skyfall is probably our only purely original idea that Samalot brought to us before we launched.

So while I know that Sigils, t3hero and a couple of the other admins from Mineplex have played both Glide and Skyfall, do I perceive it as based on what we've done? Not really.

Their game does use elytra and there are rings that give you bonuses, but it's primarily a PVP combat game. It's not a course based PVP competition game.

The bit I'm most "upset" about is their name choice, Sigils obviously knew we were using it, but it is a different game. There's very little point getting upset or angry over a Goliath using a ants name.

We wont change their usage of the name, and as we have been publicly using the name long before they announced I don't expect a problem with us continuing to use the name.

That being said I might slap Sigils over the back of the head one day when I finally meet him. ;)

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