HeadMaps Wanted: Glide

By Melair (12th of September 2016)

We'd love to add more maps for Glide, the more maps the more challenges. If you've had an idea for a Glide map, then nows the time! Well any time is the time really, but now perhaps we can sweeten the deal.

For every map we will recognised and reward up to five people who worked on it, as nominated by the individual who submits it. Those individuals will be granted:

  • Lobby: Toy: Jetpack
  • Lobby: Title: "Airman <Name>" or "Airwoman <Name>" (as desired, or not at all)

Rewards are available until we have at least doubled our map count, submissions are indefinately welcome.

If you're interested please do look at our build guide lines.

As always comments on reddit.

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