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HeadIt's been fun...

By Melair (28th of June 2018)

I've been working on Caldonia since 2013, it initially started as a thought experiment on how to handle multi instance servers nicely, I'd spent quite a while looking at the way World of Warcraft worked and I had an idea on how to convert that to Minecraft. It had remained a pet project until about six months before PlayMindcrack shutdown.

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HeadNovember Update

By Melair (22nd of November 2017)

So things have been quiet… too quiet. So I wanted to explain what's been going on.

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HeadIntroducing Cosmetics

By Melair (3rd of August 2017)

For the past few weeks we've been working behind the scenes to (finally) bring cosmetics to Caldonia. Before now you've probably seen staff flaunting Pets and Mounts, now it's your turn.

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It's been a while since I've written a news article, that's our my bad, and something we'll try and improve on going forward!

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HeadHappy Holidays!

By Melair (19th of December 2016)

Happy Holidays from everyone at Caldonia.

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HeadPosition: Skyfall and Sky Fall...

By Melair (24th of September 2016)

I've been pointed in the direction that Mineplex have recently released a game called Sky Fall. Some have suggested that it contained similar components to our game Glide. I can certainly see why some would perceive theirs as being based on aspects of ours, that being said...

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HeadTransparency: A Change Log

By Melair (14th of September 2016)

Sometimes the RNG causes you to question if we've changed something, and sometimes we actually have. In order to be transparent we're going to try and keep a change log of all changes we're making to the network day to day.

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HeadMaps Wanted: Glide

By Melair (12th of September 2016)

We'd love to add more maps for Glide, the more maps the more challenges. If you've had an idea for a Glide map, then nows the time! Well any time is the time really, but now perhaps we can sweeten the deal.

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HeadSkyfall and Glide - Player Limits Raised

By Melair (20th of August 2016)

We hear you, we've seen the stats that say that these games are getting full during big events. So we've raised the maximum player limits for Skyfall and Glide.

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HeadJoin us on Discord!

By Melair (6th of August 2016)

Sometimes we can be hard to get hold of, so as another way of getting hold of us, you can join us on Discord!

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