Survival Games

Game Length: 15-30 minutes Players: 2-24 1.9+ Combat

Survival Games is a fight to the death, however it focuses around movement and collecting of items from spawned chests. It is presented in the style from PlayMindcrack, so unlike the original style of Hunger Games (as described in Suzanne Collins' books) there is not central cornucopia to get equipment from.


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How To Play

Once the game starts you will be placed randomly on the map and you will be unable to move until the after the countdown.

You will need to explore the environment to gather equipment to survive. However while you do, the world border slowly shrinks in after six minutes.

You can find enchantment books and XP bottles in the chests which can be used to enchant your armour at various beacon points around the map. The beacon points also offer a crafting area for you to craft golden apples or armour pieces.

You will be provided with a compass to point to the player which is nearest, however the location is very general and will stop working when they are within 50 blocks of a player.


The winner is the last person standing.


Remember what you find in chests that you put into your inventory. Don't waste your time collecting things that you don't need or already have.

Keep your inventory organized. if you don't need it, don't keep it.

When enchanting, be quick about it. Most enchanting stations are out in the open, leaving you exposed while there. Avoid being ambushed by another player while enchanting.

Keep your hunger up. You never know when you'll get into a fight so be prepared!