Speedy UHC

Game Length: 20-25 minutes Players: 2-30 1.9+ Combat

Speedy UHC is a version of Ultra Hardcore as initially popularised by Mindcrack, however it's intended to be played over a much shorter period of time with many time saving boosts.


Coming Soon

How To Play

Once the game starts you will be placed randomly on the map. You will be unable to move until the after the countdown.

You will need to collect resources and materials to prepare yourself for a final battle at the 20 minute mark. You are invincible for the first 30 seconds and protected from PVP for the first 5 minutes.

Strip mining wont work as only ores in caves will be generated.

Speedy UHC Changes
  • Auto Smelting - Ores smelt and food cooks as you collect it. It also drops XP!
  • Night Vision - No need for torches (unless you want to). You can see everything.
  • No Fall Damage - Geronimo! Jump into caves!
  • Speed I - For the first five minutes.
  • Increased Apples - For every leaf that decays or that you break, there's a 25% chance of an apple drop.
  • Increased Flint - 100% chance of collecting flint from gravel.
  • Starting Kit - Basic wood starting kit with a bit of food.
  • No Ranged Mobs - Skeletons and Witches ruin fun. They are gone!
  • Boney Zombies - Now drop bones, sometimes.
  • Glowing Creepers - Creepers can drop Glowstone.
  • No Nether - Don't try it, it wont work.
  • Dry - No rain!
  • Final Battle - At the 20 minute mark, everyone is teleported to a small area for a final fight.


The winner is the last person standing.


Don't spend too much time on the surface. Gather everything you need as quickly as possible and make sure you have everything you need before you go mining!

Move quickly, but don't take unnecessary risks that might result in you taking damage.

It is possible to gain enchantments in the short amount of time. Don't rule it out immediately.

Use up as much time as you possibly can. Continue mining ores even when the final battle is only seconds away.

During the final battle, you may have a small amount of time to craft something if you are quick enough. The world boarder moves fast so don't take too much time.