Game Length: 5-15 minutes Players: 2-24

Skyfall requires players to avoid being hit by various bombs which fall from the sky. The landscape may also provide challenges or advantages which can be used to attempt to survive.


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How To Play

Once the game starts you will be placed randomly on the map, you will be unable to move until the after the countdown.

Bombs will begin falling from the sky and will increase in frequency as the game progresses, they will either target a players location or a random location on the map.

You are equipped with a Knockback Stick which can be used to attempt to push players into falling bombs or to prime TNT.


There are multiple types of bombs which can fall. Some are worse then others.

  • Iron - A bomb with a small explosion.
  • Diamond - A bomb with a large explosion.
  • Redstone - A bomb with a small explosion and fire.
  • Jack-o-Lantern - A bomb which will explode twice to drill down.
  • Coal - A bomb which will slow down players within it's explosion radius.
  • Emerald - A bomb which will temporarily make players blind within it's explosion radius.
Power Ups

At current there are two power ups which you can find, both are dropped by a wooden crate (just like a bomb). The location will be marked with a green particle pillar. You can pick up:

  • Apple - Regenerate health for a short period of time.
  • Feather - Gain speed for a temporary period.


The winner is the last person standing.


Seek shelter! Hide in caves, houses, or other structures to shield yourself from the bombs.

The bombs are meant to target you so don't stand in one place for too long. Keep moving as much as possible while avoiding holes with no escape.

You have limited hunger so conserve it as much as you can. If a game goes on long enough, you might starve to death.

Each bomb has its own respective particle. You can see the type of particle at your feet when its specific bomb targets you. Learn which particle goes to which bomb so you wont have to glance up at the sky and take your eyes off of where you are running.