Game Length: 2-3 minutes Players: 2-18 Version: 1.9+

Glide is an Elytra based game where the player must accurately fly through rings in a pattern, making tight turns, managing speed while flying through the centre of the rings. If you've played Grand Theft Auto's parachute minigame, it's similar.


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How To Play

Once the game starts you will be placed at the jump site, you will be unable to move until the after the countdown.

You should then jump off the jump site, at which point the elytra will automatically deploy, unlike normal Minecraft you do not have to jump to deploy it.

You should aim towards the centre of the ring while gliding, some players find using F5 mode helpful to see themselves in third person.

On the way to each ring is a redstone path. Follow the path to find the next ring you need. You also have a compass in your inventory to help point you in the right direction.

If you find yourself running short of speed you can boost by holding the shift key, however keep an eye on your XP bar, it will show you how much boost you have left. It will recharge, but very slowly.


You are awarded points based on how close to the centre of the ring you pass through. The winner is the person who has most accurately passed through all the rings.


Accuracy is key. You will not be rewarded on how fast you complete the course so take your time and slow down by gliding in tight circles or upwards if you need to.

The redstone path only shows the way. You do not have to follow the path strictly so don't be afraid to take an alternative route in order to gain more accuracy.

If you miss a ring, you initially have enough boost to go back and try that ring again. However, this may cause you to use up all your boost, so use it wisely!