Game Length: Continuous Players: 2-24

Eternal is a PVP playground that allows players to practice their PVP skills and gain kill streaks.


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How To Play

Players will spawn randomly in the map. A compass is given that will point in the general direction of another player. Players fight other players to try and get a kill streak. Players will spawn with 8 pieces of bread and each kill will give another 2 pieces. There are no lives and players will respawn infinitely.

Spawning and Weapons

Players spawn in with:

  • Iron Armour
  • Iron sword
  • Wood axe
  • An infinity bow
  • 8 Pieces of bread


Use the map to your advantage. Try not to stand out in the open and seek cover when you can.

Remember, the player with the kill streak only get 2 bread from a kill. Damage them as much as possible to make them use up their bread and defeat them.

"Pew pew until you die, and when you do you respawn so you can pew pew again and do better. It's some kind of infinite eternal loop, we haven't figured it out yet" -Lavalampkap